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These days, you can find numerous dating sites offering you a chance to meet your Asian soulmate. The sites offer different functionality, prices, and variety of women. To make your search for your ideal Asian girlfriend more effective, we have selected the most trusted and renowned Asian dating sites.

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Asian Women And Why They Make The Best Life Partners

People have all kinds of opinions about the concept of mail order women, but one thing is clear: when it comes to the popularity of foreign ladies, Asian women easily take the first spot. Asian singles are a group of women for relationships that includes ladies from dozens of Asian countries. Five most popular destinations for men who seek Asian singles are Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, and South Korea. If the idea of meeting an Asian woman has ever crossed your mind or you have already made the decision and now simply want to know what to do next, here is the only guide to Asian women for family life you will ever need.

What Makes Asian Women So Attractive To Men?

The secret of the popularity of Asian women on the international dating scene is their combination of exotic and familiar features that can be seen in their appearance, character, goals, and romantic behavior. Here are five features that make guys go crazy for Asian women.


You can call us shallow, but no one will argue with the fact that a woman's appearance is the first thing you notice when looking at her. It's safe to say that Asian beauty has millions of fans in the Western world. The delicate features, long black hair, and natural beauty of Asian women are incredibly attractive, and so are the petite figures of girls from Asia. The important thing to know about the appearance of women in Asia is that they know how to maintain their beauty and look nearly the same at 30, 40, and 50 as they do at 20.

Romantic nature

Asian women are full of love, but they carefully choose who to share it with. A typical Asian girl has little to no dating experience by the time she meets her foreign suitor, which is why she may be slightly inexperienced in many aspects of a romantic relationship. However, Asian women more than make up for it with their loving nature that will shower you with love and affection once the relationship between you two becomes closer.

Positive outlook

It's no secret that in many Asian countries, women live a hard life, which includes financial, career, and personal limitations. The good news is that Asian women don't allow those hardships to break them and keep a positive outlook on life no matter what. If you are looking for a partner who will not only love you unconditionally, but also support you and cheer you up when needed, an Asian woman is your best bet.

  • Heart icon User-friendly interface
  • Heart icon Strict anti-fraud policy
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Family values

Today, you can hardly find an Asian lady who values career over family. Asian girls grow up with a strong attachment to their parents and siblings, and once an Asian woman gets in a serious relationship and starts her own family, her man and children become her closest people in the whole world. An Asian woman is extremely protective of her family and will always strive to provide them with a better life. And if you are worried about a possible conflict between your Asian woman's career and family life, don't be - she will always choose you and your children over even the most lucrative job opportunities.

Household skills

The days when Western men got together with Asian girls simply to have someone clean, cook, and work around the house for them are long gone. Obviously, Asian women have lots of other qualities that can make them ideal partners for life besides their homemaking talents. However, it's also impossible to ignore the fact that cooking and making the house a better place to live is one of the true passions in an Asian woman's life. Through a perfectly clean home, neatly folded clothes, and delicious homemade meals, your Asian lady has one more way to express her love, although she will definitely appreciate your help around the house from time to time.

Where Can You Find An Asian Dating?

If you are reading our guide to Asian women and dream of a day when you can finally be happy with an Asian dating by your side, there is a high probability that you live in a completely different part of the world. So how can you, a man living in the US or another Western country, meet beautiful Asian women? These days, you have three options:

  1. Meet local women of Asian descent. If you live in a highly populated area that is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, there is a small chance you will accidentally meet your dream Asian woman when visiting a local restaurant, taking a walk in the park, or even in your workplace. However, the possibility of it happening is very slim, and even if there are some Asian women living in your city, the dating pool will be too tiny to give you any freedom of choice.
  2. Travel to Asian countries. A growing trend among Western men who want to meet Asian women is to travel to Asian countries as a tourist and conduct their search there. However, this method has several major drawbacks. First, you can only stay in the country for a limited period of time. Two, there will probably be a language barrier between you and local women. Three, local Asian women are very unlikely to agree to start a relationship with you and move to your country after just a few dates..
  3. Sign up for an Asian dating site. This is probably the most effective, budget-friendly, and convenient way to look for your perfect Asian date. Asian dating sites have many advantages, but most importantly, the women there are on the same page as you are. They want to get engaged, start a family, and they are incredibly attracted to Western men, which is the number one reason they sign up for an Asian dating website in the first place. Your chances of success with an Asian dating service are the highest of all three methods.

Dating An Asian Woman: Top 5 Tips

It's not uncommon for Western men to feel confused and shy about dating an Asian girl, but this experience can actually be one of the best times in your life. Dating an Asian girl, whether you are doing it online or already in person, can become even better with these 5 tips:


Thousands of Western men will tell you that the decision to date an Asian girl positively transformed their life and finally made it complete. If you want the same to happen to you, don't hesitate to sign up for one of the reputable and established Asian dating sites from our reviews and your perfect match won't keep you waiting.